Who We Are

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By the word “we” we mean a company of young people who want to travel and discover the world, see new cities and countries, change the environment, break the usual boundaries, enjoy the atmosphere of travel and feel like a free person. Usually a company of new people gathers on each trip, but there are guys and girls with whom we have been traveling for more than the first time. And this is very pleasing. This is valuable to us. We don’t talk about the sights of the city or its history with exact dates. We are people just like you, who just want to travel and discover the endless world for themselves. If we are interested in learning more about the attraction, we simply look for the necessary information on the Internet. For us, the place of travel, city, country, does not play a big role. It gives us great pleasure to just ride a train, car, bus, fly on an airplane – no matter what and no matter where, we just like to walk around a new place and see a different life around us. We love the journey itself. It doesn’t matter where. Whether it’s a small village on the edge of the country or a huge high-tech metropolis with vibrant life. The process of travel itself is what we get a real buzz from.

Daysinnsandy.co.uk is a specialized travel blog on the best itineraries to discover the United Kingdom. We share our experience to offer travelers the best tours in their countries of residence. The site has tons of advice: budget, accommodation, visits not to be missed, etc. It is designed to help all travel lovers plan their adventures.

Traveling is awesome. How cool it is to just take, put on a backpack and go to a new place. How cool it is to just walk around the city, feel its atmosphere. How cool to feel the journey with every thread of the soul. After all, it is so wonderful when you can take it at any time and just start traveling.