Vacation at Home or Staycation

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What is Staycation?

Staycation is a symbiosis of two English words meaning “stay” (stay) and “vacation” (vacation), that is, simply “vacation at home”. During the pandemic, this holiday destination has gained unprecedented popularity, because despite the closed borders, you still want to travel and relax! Today, the concept of a vacation at home has expanded from a simple weekend in your apartment to traveling around your city and even country. That is, instead of rushing to the golden beaches of Thailand, you can explore your native city. Holidays at home can be literally spent at home.

In the last two years, it has become quite difficult to go abroad: certificates, tests, quarantine. If you are not a fan of bureaucracy, queues at the airport, and people in protective suits give you panic attacks, then we have good news: you can get new experiences at home, while significantly saving the family budget! Staycation promotes the concept of CONSCIOUS travel. Instead of becoming another grain of sand on the already crowded beaches of Bali, you can explore your home country or city, learn more about the place where you were born and live.

Undeniable advantages of a vacation at home:

  • It’s profitable. No need to spend money on expensive air tickets and international communications.
  • It’s comfortable. Visas, passports, COVID certificates and quarantines are not needed.
  • It’s the absence of stress. There is no need to suffer from many hours of flights, change of time zones, ignorance of the language and fear of not having time to see everything that you have planned.
  • It’s eco-friendly. By not flying, you reduce your carbon footprint and help nature.
  • Often, home vacation locations can be comfortably reached by car.

What to do during a staycation?

A vacation at home is a great way to reboot and take a fresh look at familiar things. This way of traveling makes it possible to explore the native land, visit establishments for which there was never enough time, do something interesting, finally meet friends and redo the accumulated household chores. Isn’t that what vacation is for?

Staycation in hometown

Many seasoned tourists are beginning to come to the realization that we buy tickets, book hotels and get stressed out of the road just to see the sights of distant countries and cities. But at the same time, people on the other side of the world are doing the same to come to YOUR hometown. So why go somewhere when the journey starts right outside your doorstep? Try on the role of a visiting tourist and deviate from the usual city routes. Go to a museum, theater or exhibition, go to your favorite cafes for brunch, take a walk in the park and go shopping. You will be surprised how different your city looks when you are usually at work.

Go on holiday with your pets

Travelling with Pets

Just think, while we are working, our pets miss us at home all alone. Therefore, on vacation, we want to give our friends a little more time. The big disadvantage of traveling abroad is that taking a pet with you to another country is a very difficult task. In this regard, traveling around your country is an ideal option. Many hotels are happy to accept four-legged guests. In the hotels from this selection, your pets will be very, very welcome. Isn’t it bad to have a vacation where you can spend more time with your beloved pet?


Camping in the UK

Camping has grown in popularity in recent years. Hiking with a backpack on your back, connecting with nature, sleeping under bright stars and being alone with your thoughts (and away from other people) have become a very pleasant alternative to relaxing in the midst of the need to maintain social distance.


Glamping in the UK

If you don’t mind being in nature, but are still not ready to give up urban comforts in favor of a tent, then replace camping with glamping! Here you will find outdoor recreation with all amenities and full hotel service. The highlight of glamping hotels is their location in unique natural places. Therefore, peace, tranquility and stunning views are guaranteed to you.

Bicycle travel

Bicycle Travel

Sports enthusiasts and hikers have long switched to cycling. It is not only useful, pleasant and environmentally friendly. During a pandemic, this is especially true. You travel in your own vehicle, which means minimal contact with people. Along the way, you can stay in guest houses and country hotels, which will make the trip doubly enjoyable.

All in all, staycation is tourism not in breadth, but in depth. Do not think that the unusual and interesting awaits you exclusively somewhere beyond the horizon. New experiences and impressions can be obtained at home – just study the details that you have never paid attention to before!